Client: Nature’s Repair

Nature’sRepair is a natural and organic skin care line that creates and distributes a line of food grade skin care products for healing and health. To relaunch the product line and create an accompanying e-commerce website, Nature’sRepair was interested in developing brand messaging to capture the story, vision, and purpose of the brand.

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To develop the brand messaging for Nature’sRepair, the client was interested in a brand story, mission statement, and creative copy for the home page and a philosophies/values page of the website. I developed a comprehensive creative brief that outlined the brand’s target audiences, key messages, simple details on tone and style, as well as general overview on direction of content and deliverables.

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Through our partnership, I was able to bring the story of Nature’sRepair to life by creating content that captured the essence of brand and their commitment to natural, sustainable, skin care. I developed a mission statement that spoke to their core purpose, philosophies and values that aligned with their beliefs, and created an emotional and heartfelt brand story to connect with their target audience.

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