Client: Black Girl Health

Black Girl Health is a platform dedicated to helping minority women take control of
their bodies and their health. Established in 2014, Black Girl Health wanted to focus on creating and distributing quality content that solved the unique needs of minority women.

Black Girl Health (2)


Black Girl Health creates and curates informative articles on topics surrounding healthy eating, fighting disease, getting fit, and staying motivated. In 2017, I joined Black Girl Health as the Content Manager to create an editorial plan, refresh existing content, write health and wellness articles, and create social media copy to promote blog posts.


Each spring, Black Girl Health hosts an annual health and wellness conference for minority women. Kickstart is a day long event with workouts, workshops, and celebrity guests. To document the expo for those not in attendance, we launched a Live Blog in which I created snapshots of the days events with written and photo content.


As Black Girl Health’s Email Campaign Manager, I create weekly newsletter campaigns providing exclusive content for the dedicated Black Girl Health community through email. My campaigns have experienced increased open and click through rates as well as feedback through company surveys.

BGH Email

As part of the mission to empower minority women to take control of their health, Black Girl Health holds an annual social awareness campaign to encourage women to talk to their partners about their HIV status. The #popthequestion campaign, along with supporting partners and influencers, works to reach as many minority women as possible. During the #popthequestion social campaign, I create email campaigns to get people involved and informed about their sexual health.