Tyshia Ingram_CS AboutHi! I’m Tyshia. The creative voice behind the words. Before we get started, let me preface this by saying, this isn’t your typical about me page. I’m a storyteller so that means, I’m here to tell mines.

I’ve never been one for definitions and neat titles. In fact, in true millennial fashion, I consider myself many things (all of equal importance of course) including: a mother, a child of God, an empath, a wife, a freelance creative, an entrepreneur, a writer. Always a writer.

I started writing the day I could hold a pencil but, for professional purposes, I started my writing career with a blog. A creative space to release and reflect after my analytical day job. From there I began to contribute to magazines, publications, and other digital platforms exercising my gift of the written word and stretching my skills as a writer.

It was around that time that this wonderful thing started happening on the internet. Brands were becoming publishers, everyone wanted a blog, e-commerce was blooming and content was the bridge that connected them all. A divine combination for my analytical brain, marketing background, and love for writing.

The past five years I have been blessed to work with some amazing small business owners, marketing managers, and even global brands helping them tell their story in a way that only a marketing geek and creative writer can do. I’ve helped businesses find their voice and define their purpose. I’ve supported e-commerce brands in building editorial platforms that connect them to their customers. I’ve created content and copy for companies that understand the power of storytelling in all areas of their businesses.

I’ve been doing the dream work. I’ve built a creative career I’ve always dreamed of. Fusing soulful storytelling with creative strategy for brands that are here to change the world.

When I’m not working behind the scenes of this creative studio, chasing my children around, or traveling with my professional hip hop dancing husband, I’m most likely somewhere writing. Penning words for publications, writing poems, and maybe a few words for that book (a girl can dream…).

If you’ve made it this far, we’re officially friends. Which means, you should feel free to connect with me beyond the studio on social media @tyshia_shante and LinkedIn. Or just send me an email (tyshiaingram@gmail.com) to say hello, I’m always down for meeting a new person.

Ready to work with me? Take a look at my services to begin our journey together.

Peace, love, and all the good stuff. ~ Tyshia